Call System Daily Reports

Waters of the Gila River are allocated by the Gila Water Commissioner according to terms of the 1935 Gila River Decree and a Call System. Version 7.08 is currently in use. The Call System integrates the Calls for water of the various parties with current USGS flow data to determine actual allocations. For those of you who are interested in examining or analyzing the Call System data, you can download it from the Home Page.

Today is Sunday, July 05, 2020, the last date shown in the calendar.








Daily Reports are available here for the last 30 days. See the Gila Water Commissioner in Safford for older Daily Reports.

Click on the date for which you want to see the Daily Report.

Generally the Daily Report for the current date is available after 12:00 noon MST.

Daily Report for 7/5/2020 is not posted yet.

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