Gila Water Commissioner

Duties of Commissioner

The principal responsibility of the Commissioner is to administer the provisions of Globe Equity No. 59 Consent Decree (Gila Decree) for dividing the available water supply of the Gila River among the various right-holders--Gila River Indian Community, San Carlos Irrigation and Drainage District, ASARCO, Town of Kearny, Winkelman agricultural users, San Carlos Apache Tribe, Gila Valley Irrigation District and Franklin Irrigation District. Duties include management of the Call System for determining Priority and Regulation Years for the various reaches of the river; recording and monitoring acres "Then Being Irrigated" by the parties; determining and tracking use of annual apportionments; track releases and diversions for the lower valley; authorize release of water from Coolidge Dam on the San Carlos Reservoir; oversee employees in the Safford office of the Commissioner; and resolve differences that arise among the users. Parties not satisfied with decisions of the Commissioner can petition the US District Court for relief.